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Dr. Smart. Nieuwe Binnenweg 5, 3014 GA, Rotterdam   +31 (0)6 18 43 81 63

An 18+ store with a transparent appearance

We focus on natural herbs, nutrition supplements, CBD and seeds, among others what is providing mental and physical health. What sets us apart is that we want to set up a lifestyle differently and that we have an advisory role. Actually, we want to give a signal of a completely transparent 18+ store with the look of low threshold, so that everyone can step in without hesitation.

We attract a very wide audience, young and old, and because we are working with variety of assortment, we have diversity of customers for example architects combining students. They also use that kind of means, which is a trend that is now continuing. The threshold is low and all sorts of people dare to come in, but we are surprised by the general public that we quickly moved. There are also old females who want advice for their osteoarthritis or about other health support. Or people who are going to use microdosing for antidepressants or for the exams in the final phase of their studies. These are very separate developments, which we can support with our fully comprehensive range.

“An 18+ store with a transparent appearance – Dr. Smart does it completely differently.”

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We are dedicated to provide you with the best products and service, enabling you to open up your mind & play with your senses.

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